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TomoTone UK Auctions on Ebay UK
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We're Back!

It's been an interesting month+ 'round these parts; MUCH happening behind the scenes. I've been working on a new website, new inventory, new product lines, new suppliers... so much to do, so little time! I thank you for your patience. Here's a short Q&A:

Q: What's up with the website?

A: Well, not much, certainly not as much as I would have liked. The new website we were testing (offline) was taking too much time and frankly not doing it for me. So we've gone back to the old one... for now.

Q: What's up with DK Series builder kits?

A: I am looking for new and interesting builder kits from different suppliers. Still searching for the hard-to-find balance between quality and affordability. Stay tuned!

Look for deeply discounted closeout on in-stock DK series kits, and loaded bodies both here and and ebay UK this weekend.

Q: What's up with the Parts Page?

A: I'm changing things around a bit by looking at what we have in stock and what we SHOULD be stocking. After seven years there are some interesting things rattling around the workshop and it's taken a lot of time to inventory them. It's time to make room for the new!

Look for deeply discounted closeouts on in-stock parts, coming this weekend on ebay UK.

Your patience and your custom are sincerely appreciated.

S F Thompson, Owner

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Last updated 27/2/2014
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